About Us

Gabon Adventure Tours is owned and operated by Julian Lerry Assoumou Ondo, who also guides many of the trips. Julian grew up learning how to hunt and fish in a village close to a big forest, which later became the Minkébé National Park and from where his tangible passion for the jungle was born.

Since the Gabonese wildlife legislation it is forbidden to hunt and kill large mammals, such as gorillas, elephants, manatees and hippos. Later in 2002 National Parks across the country had been created, which are about 10% of the Gabonese territory, to preserve the unique nature in Gabon.

Before this, as a child, Julian was able to pay school fees in carrying hunter’s bushmeat from the forest to the village for living or commercial use. Wildlife communities have been seriously depleted by the unregulated hunting regime which rapidly declined many species. Julian and many villagers, especially in forest areas, are working out new ways for the sustainability of the villages, like ecotourism.

Later, Julian went to Masuku University and after a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, he was traveling all around in Europe through Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Crotia. He had to come to miss the real wildlife and his family and went back to Gabon. Nothing could have prepared him better for his next adventure which was to be the birth of Gabon Adventure Tours.

Why Travel With Us

Passion And Experience

Julian’s love for the jungle, its ecology and wildlife, coupled with life experience makes his carefully designed tours the highlight of many people’s vacation in Gabon and show them how much hospitality Africa can give to visitors.

Quality Service And Excellence

Trips with Gabon Adventure Tours, consist of a wide selection of scheduled adventures programs as well private guiding and customized trips. Our itineraries are designed to sample the highlights of each destination. For lodging, we mainly select village family, hotels, lodges and camping area with local ambiance and home cooked food.

Small Group Adventure Tours

Gabon Adventure Tours is an adventure travel company that specializes in wildlife and culture, fishing and hunting expeditions with small group sizes range from 2 to 10.

Responsible Tourism

Gabon Adventure Tours is directly working with villagers communities and help them to be sustainable through our activities which are designed to responsible tourism.