Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions, before any booking with Gabon Aventure Tours, clients are advice to request a Tour Dossier covering all the pre-departure information. Once you make a booking, we will send you a booking confirmation and additional pre-departure information document. This is a brief overview of the information contained in these documents.

Who is Responsible for my Visas ?

You are responsible for your own visas. Please check the itinerary of your tour carefully and if you need a multiple entry visa be sure to get one. Your passport needs to be valid for 6 months after your departure date from Gabon and you must have at least 3-4 blank pages available. The immigration will not allow you to enter without 2 blank pages in your passport.

Will Someone be at the Airport to Meet us on Arrival ?

YES! Your Main Guide will welcome you on your arrival in Libreville International Airport and we have an emergency number that you can contact anytime.

What is served as Food and Meals ?

Included are three hearty meals a day. Vegetarians can be catered for and we do our best to offer a varied menu. Our guides can produce miracles on a camp-stove but please remember that they are cooking for the whole group. Special dietary requirements can be catered for, but only by special request.

What are the types of Accommodation ?

Most tours are in the comfortable bushcamps, hotels including friendly guest houses. Instead, if your trip include deep jungle trekking like in Minkebe National Park or in Ivindo National Park, on camping you will be staying in tents provided by us and you supply your own sleeping bag.

What are the Health Requirements ?

All people who join an adventure tour need to be in good health. Medical facilities are not always available. If you have a specific medical condition it is compulsory for you to advise us before departure.

What are the Concerns Regarding Malaria ?

Malaria is a real concern in many areas of Africa, especially during the rainy season. Our advice is simple, prevent getting bitten by using an insect repellent and use an effective prophylactic. Speak to your doctor before selecting your Malaria medication.

Do I Need to be Vaccinated ?

Please ensure you have the relevant vaccinations. Gabon require a compulsory yellow fever vaccination certificate for entry. Failure to provide one may result in a denied entry.

Do I Need Travel Insurance ?

YES! Make sure your insurance covers being airlifted in case of serious illness/injury as good hospital facilities are often a long way from where our tours travel. Free credit card insurance is often insufficient, so a separate policy is recommended. As travel insurance is compulsory, you will be asked for the policy number before your trip’s departure. We recommend World Nomad Travel insurance ( click here for more).

What are your Terms & Conditions ?

All travellers will be required to sign our indemnity form on departure. Any person refusing to do so will not be allowed on the tour.

What are the Age Restrictions ?

Adventurer under the age of 18 must have signed permission from a parent or guardian and are accepted on the tour on a request basis. Guest over the age of 60 take responsibility that they are fit enough to travel and may be asked to leave the tour if they are hindering the progress of the tour.

What are the Options Regarding Currency, Money and Banking ?

VISA is the most widely accepted card and is recommended. Mastercard and American Express are accepted only in selected locations in Gabon and some providers. Bring most of your spending money in cash as FCFA, US dollars or Euro. Generally, Euro are the easiest to exchange so make sure to preferablely change your money into Euro before you leave your own country.

What to Bring ?

A sense of fun and a flexible attitude! A full checklist of essential items is included in the pre-departure info document.

Would the Scheduled Itinerary Change ?

Although we will do our best at all times to ensure that the tour remains on schedule we want to make it very clear that this is sometime not possible due to weather’s conditions, train and internal flight delay. There is always something unexpected on a tour, anything can happen, but nothing that a good sense of humour cannot overcome.