Yellow fever is a serious risk in Gabon. Make sure you're protected with a vaccination. Proof of yellow fever vaccination is also required for entry to Gabon.

We also recommend vaccines such as Poliomyelitis (childhood booster), Tetanus (childhood booster), Typhoid (food & water borne diseases) and Hepatitis A (food and water borne diseases).

For those venturing outside cities and towns, further recommended vaccines are Hepatitis B, Rabies, Japanese B Encephalitis, Tuberculosis, Meningitis and Malaria prophylaxis.


Malaria is transmitted by a type of NIGHT biting mosquito. Risk of malaria is relatively HIGH in deep jungle, hinterland and remote areas that are NOT commonly visited by visitors. it is advisable to have anti-malarial medication.

When TAKING anti-malarial medication:

  • Make sure you get the right anti-malarial tablets before you go (check with your GP or pharmacist if you are unsure).
  • Follow the instructions included with your tablets carefully.
  • Continue to take your tablets for up to FOUR (4) weeks (depending on the type you are taking) AFTER returning from your trip to cover the incubation period of the disease.
  • If you become ill while travelling in an area where malaria is found or after returning from travelling, you MUST IMMEDIATELY seek medical help (even if you have been taking anti-malarial tablets).
  • If you develop symptoms of malaria while still taking anti-malarial tablets (either while you are travelling or in the days and weeks after you return), remember to tell the doctor which type you have been taking – the same type of anti-malaria medication should NOT be used to treat you as well.
  • If you have taken anti-malarial medication in the past, do not assume that it is suitable for future trips.

General Safety

You should always consult your Physician and anyone else familiar with your medical history and needs before embarking on any adventure travel. Please ensure that you have confirmed with a medical professional, that you are medically fit to embark on the tour you have booked.

The guide has authority on tour at all times and this includes decisions regarding the safety of our guests on tour.

It is important that you inform us of any medical conditions or prescription drugs that you are taking such as diabetes or asthma etc. as we are sometimes 100km or more from the nearest medical assistance. 

Please report to your tour leader immediately if you are feeling even slightly ill as they may need to make plans for you to get to medical assistance promptly.  You can feel sick due to your body reacting to germs and bacteria it is unfamiliar with.  Keep this in mind, but do not take it lightly, keep your guides up to date with how you’re feeling.

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