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Gabon is home to Africa's largest forest elephant population, with about 60% of those that remain. Local extinctions of the forest elephant means losing their role as gardeners of the forest, they are essential for seed dispersal and the germination of canopy tree species. Besides our main activity as nature tour operator, Gabon Adventure Tours is fighting to preserve this critically endangered wildlife species.

Too, It’s our duty to take actions when the villagers are suffering about elephants raiding their crops which are essential for the sustainability of the community. As a direct effect if nothing is done, a significant amount of elephants are more and more being killed by local hunting.

In North Gabon, many villages have their crops devastated mainly during the rainy seasons from March to May and from September to November. Our project is divided into three stages, the first one consist in data collection, the second step is to educate the villagers and sensibilized the hunters then the last step consist on setting up some mitigations methods such as barriers and deterrents to protect 5000 crops in 200 villages in North Gabon.

Data collection


Mitigation Methods

Volunteering and Internships

We rely on local and international volunteers and interns looking for a meaningful way to travel, experience other cultures and contribute to an important cause. We need people like you to help us with elephants and conflict mitigation methods! Find meaningful adventure working hands-on and side by side with experienced conservationist with wildlife.
Your main task is to find appropriate mitigation methods to overcome human-elephant conflict in the form of elephants destroying crops. You will learn tracking skills, how to identify elephants and elephant behaviour. You will assist in recording GPS data for elephant and setting up educational meetings with villagers and hunters.
Accommodation: Your main accommodation is a private one room flat with all facilities such as kitchen, toilet and bathroom located in the same building with the office of Gabon Adventure Tours in Oyem. Food is at your charge, when you are on field, you’ll have the option for camping or stay in a guest house in the village.
Duration: You’re free to decide about your stay which can run from a few weeks to a few months or a year.


You’re welcome to donate anything that can help for the project’s success such as materials, cars or money. You can even bring some tools and cloths for the villagers.

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