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Itinerary - Day by day summary

Day 1 : Overland trip to Lambarene

Accommodation :
Schweitzer Guestrooms 1 Lunch \ 1 Dinner
Activities :  Wildlife Viewing, Village Visit, City sightseeing, Local Market, Museum.

The group will meet in Libreville at 8 am at the Tropicana Hotel. After breakfast at your own expense, drive to Lambarene a small town located on the south of the equator and lying on both side of the Ogooué River. The city is known world-wide because of Albert Schweitzer (Nobel Peace prize winner) and his hospital which is still a major attraction. The hospital was built in 1913 and still Supported by volunteers from around the world, this remarkable institution is run by a non-profit foundation. The small museum preserves its founder's lodgings, as well as some of his simple possessions.

Making your way to Lambarene, you will be taken to visit a cocoa plantations, meet the farmers, learn how to grow high-quality robusta  cocoa beans, gain insight into organic farming methods, and suck up sweet seeds inside the new cocoa pod.

This afternoon, up on arrival in Lambarene, spend a couple of hours exploring the town followed by a  visit of Albert Schweitzer Hospital and Museum know as one of the most spectacular historic places in Gabon. Tonight, enjoy a dinner at a local restaurant  and overnight at Schweitzer Guestrooms.

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Day 2 : Cultural Experience and River's Game Viewing

Accommodation :
Schweitzer Guestrooms \ 1 Breakfast \ 1 Lunch \ 1 Dinner
Activities :  Wildlife Viewing, River Cruise, Village Visit, Bwiti Ceremony, City sightseeing, Local Market, Museum.

After an early breakfast, Embark on an exhilarating, morning boat cruise to explore the Ogooué River’s diverse game viewing. Be on the lookout for wild game such as hippos and several endemic bird that could be encountered along the way of the principal river of Gabon also know as the fourth largest river in Africa by volume of discharge, trailing only the Congo, Niger and Zambezi.  

After lunch, enjoy an unforgettable visit to a typical African village to experience the local culture first hand. Spend time with the children of the village as well as its elders, and learn about their day-to-day life.

This evening after dinner at a local restaurant, enjoy a guided walk to visit a local temple and witness a mesmerising Bwiti ceremony and learn about the local rituals and traditions. Although Bwiti is still very much alive in Gabon, few outsiders ever witness it. Temples are small, unobtrusive buildings that hide behind houses. Amongst many Gabonese, Bwiti continues to instil fear, whilst others revere it - both are reasons that it is rarely talked about openly.

Sit with the believers as they summon the spirits. Chanting, dancing and drumming are all integral parts of these ceremonies, which vary depending on the occasion or objective. This is an entirely authentic and powerful experience. Bwiti blends Christianity with animism and other practices, all fuelled by the consumption of iboga. This potent endemic plant has psychedelic properties, which the local people take advantage of by chewing the root. This combination of religious fervour and iboga can see the faithful stay up all night chanting and singing.

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Day 3 : On the way to Loango National Park

Today you leave behind  “La ville du grand blanc” which is the nickname of Lambarene town and refered to  Dr Albert Schweitzer. Then travel downstream Ogooué River through the jungle to reach the town of Omboué and feel like the first explorers of this part of Africa.
In late afternoon, a 4WD car ride will take us to Loango National Park. Dinner and overnight at Loango lodge.

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Day 4, 5, 6 and 7: Loango National Park

Accommodation :
Loango Lodge, Akaka Camp, Louri Camp \ 4 Breakfast \ 4 Lunch \ 4 Dinner
Activities : Wildlife Viewing, Bushwalk, 4WD Safari, Dugout Canoe Safari, Eco-Tour, Hippos Tour, Village Visit, Sea Turtle Watching (November to April), Whales Watching (July to September).

Enjoy your days exploring Loango National Park any way you like. Set out on game drives inside the park, or go on a guided walk around with experienced guides deeply into the rainforest. Enjoy night drives as well to spot a different kind of wildlife who are active when you sleep.

Situated in the east of the country, between the Iguéla, Nkomi and Ndogo Lagoons, Loango National Park covers an incredible rangey of eco-systems, from savannas to 100 km of pristine, unoccupied beaches; from seemingly untouched virgin rain forests to the serpentine bends and gnarls of mangrove forests, and offers many sights for any true nature anthusiast such as opportunities to witness hippos surfing the waves off the beach, and gorillas and elephants walking on the sand.
For animal lovers, Loango National Park is a true paradise on earth. Gabon holds one of the highest densities of wildlife in the world, and Loango National Park proudly shows off its bountiful harvest to the world: forest elephants, hippos, red forest buffalo, leopards, crocodiles, western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, sitatunga, duikers, a vast array of birds, a variety of different monkey species, and the world’s largest concentration of humpback whales and dolphins after South Africa.

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Day 8: Head back to Libreville

Accommodation :
Olako Hotel \ 1 Breakfast \ 1 Lunch \ 1 Dinner
Activities : Wildlife Viewing, Bushwalk, Dugout Canoe Safari, Eco-Tour, Village Visit, City sightseeing.

This morning, take a last game to explore the area by boat, in search of the impressive wildlife of Loango National Park. We will continue then by 4x4 car to the city of Omboué. After lunch, transfer to Port-Gentil for a night flight to Libreville then dinner at a local restaurant in Libreville. Time has come for you to share your impressions and give your opinion to your guide. Overnight at Tropicana Hotel.

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Tour Details

Itinerary : 8 Days / 7 Nights
Price : USD 4000 / Per person
Maximum Group Size : 10 People
Activities : Bushwalk, Wildlife Viewing, 4WD Safari, Canoe Safari, Gorillas Trekking, Swimming,  Village Visit, Bwiti Ceremony, City Sightseeing, Local Market, Cooking Class, Relaxing on Sand Beach, Sea Turtle Watching (November to April), Whales Watching (July to September).        
Activity Level : Relaxed


Tour Highlights

  • Visit Albert Schweitzer Museum and Hospital in Lambaréné
  • Explore the historical city of Lambarene
  • Encounter with the Bwiti practitioners to learn about this ancestral spiritual traditions of the forest-dwelling Babongo and Mitsogo peoples of Gabon
  • Cruise the Ogooué river to view hippos and birds
  • Experience game drives while on safari in Loango National Park
  • Cruise the waters and shorelines of the Rembo Ngowe River in search for wildlife in Loango National Park

Places Visited

Africa \  Gabon \ Libreville \ Albert Schweitzer Hospital and Museum \  Ogooué River \ Bwiti Temple in Lambarene \ Lambarene town \  Fernan Vaz Lagoon \ Omboué \  Loango National Park \ Rembo Ngowe River \ Iguela Lagoon.


  • 7 Breakfasts, 8 Lunches, 7 Dinners (Exclusively Local Dishes)
  • 7 Nights Accommodations (shared)
    • 2 Nights Hotel
    • 2 Night Guest House
    • 3 Nights Bush Camp
  • 8 Days Locally Hosted Guide Service
  • Services of driver / Wildlife Guide
  • Transport
  • Road tolls and taxes
  • All Tour Highlights
  • National Park and Conservation Area fees and taxes
  • Meals as indicated
  • 1,5L Bottle of mineral  water daily


  • Drinks and Gratuities
  • Items of personal nature
  • International Flights and Visa
  • Both International Arrival and Departure Transfers are included.
  • Required Travel Insurance
  • Optional activities
  • Meals not indicated


  • USD 95 Gabonese Tourist Visa

Tour Dates

Available on private arrangement.

What do you need to bring?

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